Sunday, July 17, 2011

Automower has an iphone app

Husqvarna released an iphone app back in May to accompany the automower.  Because the automower is operated using a gps system you can monitor where the mower is and what it is doing all the time as well as turn it on remotely if you would like it to cut the lawn.  Another very cool feature to a very innovative and eco-friendly mower.  Look forward to seeing a lot of these around soon.

For more info on the automower iphone app chech out

Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Purchase a Quality Lawn Mower

Recently I was commenting on about this topic and I thought it would be good to make this available on the blog, as many people are probably looking for tips this spring on which lawn mower to buy.  When purchasing a consumer-grade push lawn mower from Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Costco, or some equivalent store there are a number of things that you want to look at:

1. The quality of the engine. I recommend any engine made by Honda or Briggs and Stratton that is 5.5hp and up.
2. The quality of the wheels. The wheels are one of the first things that break on all of my push mowers from the extensive use, and I use great push mowers. Make sure that they have the strength to last.
3. Check the thickness of the steel in the handle bars. The thinner steel is actually possible to bend on some of the cheaper mowers so I would avoid this.
4. The quality of your cutting deck. Check how thick the steel is. See if the painting has been done using electroplate technology (this should make the paint last a lot longer and prevent rusting.
5. If you want a good review of push mowers you can always check consumer report as well. Just because the mower you are looking to buy isn't rated though, doesn't mean it isn't a good mower.

I don't recommend getting a self-propelled mower unless you really need it because it is just one more thing that can break on a mower.  Also, with most lawn mowers on the market these days being equipped with ball-bearing wheels they are easier to push, so if you can, I definitely recommend purchasing a push mower.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Husqvarna automower, is it practical?

I will be giving a basic rundown of the automower soon and a practical evaluation.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Corn Gluten Meal Makes Better Fertilizer than Weed Control Method

For 20 years corn meal has been promoted as a type of pre-germination weed control method for preventing the spread of weeds in lawns.  There are a few important things that should be noted about using corn gluten meal as a weed control method:
  • it only prevents the germination of weed seed, it will not kill pre-existing weeds
  • not only will it not kill pre-existing weeds, but it will make them healthier
  • There is only a narrow time frame in the spring where corn meal can be applied effectively
  • it isn't any cheaper to apply than an organic pesticide alternative
So what about corn gluten meal as a fertilizer?  Well corn gluten meal is 10% nitrogen so if 10lbs of corn meal are applied to your lawn that means you are applying 1lb of nitrogen.  This makes it very effective as a fertilizer to give your lawn a nice deep green hue.  It should be applied at about ten pounds every 1000 square feet.  In your seasonal lawn care the use of corn meal should be combined with another organic weed killer like Fiesta.

For a more in depth look at corn meal go to:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Husqvarna remains on the cutting edge with their new lawn mowers

In the past couple years Husqvarna has come out with a few impressive new lawn mowers and lawn mower concepts.  The one that has recieved the most attention up to this point would be the automower which is their solar powered robotic mower.  They have also produced a concept mower called panthera leo which is an impressive ride on mower that is solar powered and has a smart computer to give optimized mowing.
My favourite new lawn mower that they have come out with is the propane-powered Husqvarna PZ6029PFX.  It has a 29hp Kawasaki engine and a 60" 7-gauge steel mowing deck.  Finally there is a lawn equipment company that is producing propane-powered commercial lawn mowers for lawn care companies like mine.  I look forward to hopefully purchasing one of these in the coming year.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Propane Powered Lawn Mowers

In recent years being environmentally friendly has become an increasingly important issue that there have been some attempts to address.  Within the lawn care field there has been a significant progression in environmental awareness, whether by the force of government regulations or by choice.  One of the new technologies that was invented in 2006 to help lawn care companies be more environmentally conservative is propane lawn equipment.
Propane powered lawn equipment is significantly more environmentally friendly producing 80% less toxic emissions than diesel or gasoline.  Along with this environmental benefit there is also the fact that it can be purchased for less than these alternate fuels.
Propane is significantly cleaner than gasoline or diesel and burning it is expected to extend the life of your lawn mower's engine.  There isn't any dirt that can get in the oil which will make it last longer, and the carburetor will likely stay much cleaner.  At this point the technology remains relatively new so this cannot be completely verified, but is likely to be the case.
At this point propane mowers are significantly more expensive but if they are going to last longer and be lower maintenance they may be worth the extra money up front.  They are the only real available option for commercial lawn care at this point as I wait for them to produce a functional solar powered commercial mower to use for my lawn care business.

Changing Times in Lawn Care

I remember six years ago when I was in high school and started my lawn care business out of my parents van.  That was a completely different era for lawn care when things were much simpler.  Back then you only had to find the clients and then do the work, but now there are all sorts of new challenges in lawn care and plenty of ideas on how to handle them.  I spent a significant number of hours doing research to help make my lawn care business the best that it can be by keeping up with the times and I'm going to try and help keep you updated too.  This is a blog for the lawn care professional or simply the lawn care enthusiest who wants to take care of their lawn.