Thursday, March 10, 2011

Corn Gluten Meal Makes Better Fertilizer than Weed Control Method

For 20 years corn meal has been promoted as a type of pre-germination weed control method for preventing the spread of weeds in lawns.  There are a few important things that should be noted about using corn gluten meal as a weed control method:
  • it only prevents the germination of weed seed, it will not kill pre-existing weeds
  • not only will it not kill pre-existing weeds, but it will make them healthier
  • There is only a narrow time frame in the spring where corn meal can be applied effectively
  • it isn't any cheaper to apply than an organic pesticide alternative
So what about corn gluten meal as a fertilizer?  Well corn gluten meal is 10% nitrogen so if 10lbs of corn meal are applied to your lawn that means you are applying 1lb of nitrogen.  This makes it very effective as a fertilizer to give your lawn a nice deep green hue.  It should be applied at about ten pounds every 1000 square feet.  In your seasonal lawn care the use of corn meal should be combined with another organic weed killer like Fiesta.

For a more in depth look at corn meal go to:


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