Saturday, March 5, 2011

Husqvarna remains on the cutting edge with their new lawn mowers

In the past couple years Husqvarna has come out with a few impressive new lawn mowers and lawn mower concepts.  The one that has recieved the most attention up to this point would be the automower which is their solar powered robotic mower.  They have also produced a concept mower called panthera leo which is an impressive ride on mower that is solar powered and has a smart computer to give optimized mowing.
My favourite new lawn mower that they have come out with is the propane-powered Husqvarna PZ6029PFX.  It has a 29hp Kawasaki engine and a 60" 7-gauge steel mowing deck.  Finally there is a lawn equipment company that is producing propane-powered commercial lawn mowers for lawn care companies like mine.  I look forward to hopefully purchasing one of these in the coming year.

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